Laptop Cooling pad

Friends first welcome to all of you . If you have a Laptop then this post is for you . If you have laptop & you working on it daily whether it is surfing , downloading or gaming . Laptop becomes hot after doing some work , gaming  , etc. so it is necessary to stay it cool . so how to do it ? Get an Laptop cooling pad . If you don’t know what is this then a Laptop cooling Pad is the which improves the air flow in your laptop .it is look like this

Our laptop having some holes at its base to laptop can get some air from it & having fan at left or right or any side . Its create air flow in Laptop , Thats why it is not recommended to place Laptop on your lap or on your bed . So today I am suggesting you  some budget Laptop Cooling Pad .

Zebronics NC1000 Cooling Pad

Buy Zebronics NC1000 Cooling Pad: Cooling Pad

                                                Price. 382/-
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Cooler Master Notepal C2 Silent Laptop Cooling Pad

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