How to stop Spam – Simple steps to get rid of Spam.

When you want to use any website or blog or you need to sign up to them , but some of them don’t have any privacy policy . A PP (Privacy Policy) is something that the site you going to sign up is not sale your E-mail to anyone . This will ensure that you are not going to getting Spam . On the contrary there are some sites  that they will send you lots of offers & almost anything . It is not good so what to do for that .

     There are some services on the net which will give you the ability of not getting Spam .

Steps for Not Getting Spammed 

1) Don’t spread your mail Everywhere

Some people have bad habit of spreading there E-mail everywhere on the Internet
. They comment on so many blog without knowing there PP . Also Before submitting any comment check options listed . Like some options are common 
” Would you like to be notified for follow up comments ” if you need to read follow up comments then why not to Bookmark that page ? 

2) Beware of phishing 

Whenever you are signing in to your Google , Facebook or any account see address bar . For instance if you are signing in to Fb then check address bar has the address

3) Use Disposable E-mail accounts 

When it is time to sign up to services that definitely going to spam or may be then cleverly use Disposable E-mail accounts . Because they will automatically deleted after a fixed time say 10 Days .

Some disposable E-mail services are
Am I missing something?
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