How to reset Google chrome . (Default setting)

 How to Reset Google Chrome  (windows 7) .

    When I am new to use Google Chrome I don’t know so much  about it as I am new bee @ that time . I was using it regularly & also trying to exploring new option and so more  …… One day I was browsing through Google Chrome and when I search on Google then click on any link in that page it opens new tab & it happens again and again . So I decided to find something solution . At that time I have 2 options the first one was ” To uninstall Google Chrome & again install it ” another one was ” To Reset Chrome to its default ” so I choose second one .

     Here is the best way to reset chrome at its default value

 First close all windows of Google chrome if any ( First read this post then close )
    –   Then open start – enter this “ %LOCALAPPDATA%GoogleChromeUser Data” ( without quotes ) – press ENTER – Find Default – Delete that folder your Chrom Is Reset .

Tip : IT’l DELETE all Bookmarks .

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