Hi friends I am writing my first post on this blog & off course wishing you very very happy & prosperous Diwali .
Do you know why I have selected only this festival as my fist post day because India is the country of the festivals & Diwali or Dipavali is the king of the all festivals .

           In Diwali we clean our homes & offices and paint it , decorate it . We make snacks at our home which are known as “Faral” in Marathi . this Faral includes Karanji , Chakali , shankarpali , shev , chiwda , Ladu(in Marathi) or Lddu (in Hindi) and many more . This all are very tasty .
           People go to each others houses give wishes , share there Faral (snacks) .Kids are more happy in this festival because there parents give them crackers & this all brings fun to our life . We also use Diya (it is actually what you see in the above picture ) .

And also it is not the festival only  for Hindus NO it is for all whoever you are you can celebrate Diwali . So again I wish You & your family Happy & Prosperous Diwali .

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