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Yesterday whatsapp announced that now their users can use whatsapp from their web browsers itself. Yes you read it correct. Now you can use your whatsapp from your browser itself. Users were demanding whatsapp to have a client for the desktop users, so here it is. It is known as Whatsapp Web.

whatsapp launched whatsapp Web

How to use Whatsapp Web

Its really simple to use whatsapp web. All you need to have is latest version of whatsapp & internet connection both in your pc as well as your phone.

Step 1 Connect with your Google Chrome browser to . Why Google chrome? Because currently whatsapp web is supported by Google chrome only, soon it will support to all browsers.

How to use use whatsapp web

Step 2 You will see a QR code as shown in the image above, scan it by going to your whatsapp menu & then whatsapp web option.

Step 3 Thats it you are done! But make sure your phone must have to be connected to internet in order to use Whatsapp Web.

The whatsapp web mirrors all the conversations & messages from your mobile. This simply means that all of your conversations are still live on your phone. It will help you while working on desktops. that you don’t need to always glued to your phone. 

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