Now use your smartphone on your Arm – Read emails and play Games!

We all know how much boring is it to hold your phone always. What if you will be able to use it on your Arm and you don’t actually need to hold your phone in your hand. You can read messages, play exciting games, see the maps etc. And also you can type emails or messages from your phone very easily. There is pinch to zoom facility is also available.

Cicret Bracelet let you use your smartphone on your Arm. Play games read

This is not a story of a fiction movie. This is real! This bracelet is known as a Cicret Bracelet. Checkout What does this gadget has in it!

  • The Cicret Bracelet has an accelerometer. 
  • Also the memory card and a ROM.
  • Cicret Bracelet has a low energy bluetooth and a wifi connectivity. Which is awesome.
  • A vibrator and a led is also provided to get notification on time to time.

We will let you know if there will be another addition in this Cicret Bracelet. Also checkout the video of Cicret Bracelet.

Official Website of  Cicret Bracelet.

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