Now Tranfer money through Whatsapp!

If you are out at night and suddenly you found that you don’t have money to pay anything then what will you do? Don’t worry now there is no problem because there is a solution in your pocket no I am not talking about your Credit card or Debit Card but about Whatsapp. Yes you read it correctly Whatsapp! Now you can transfer money to your friends and family through whatsapp.


Country’s [ India ] 3rd biggest private sector bank Axis bank  has started a new service. With this service you can transfer money through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and also with emails. Axis bank has started Ping pay service. Axis bank will be now competing with the ICICI bank’s  Bank pocket and HDFC bank’s Chillar like services.

The CEO of Axis bank Mr. Rajiv Anad said about this service that with this application not only you can demand money but also you can send money too. And also This service works faster than anyother bank’s service.

He said that in other banks you have to wait at least 30 Minutes to complete your transaction, whereas Ping pay takes less time as compared with them.

You can transfer Rs. 50,000/- in one day with Ping pay. To use this service one has to log in through his social account then he has to chose the person to send money. Then the person you chosed will receive a link and has to download Ping pay Application and have to give his bank details. After this the money will be transferred to the person’s account but again there is restriction! To be able to use this service both parties must have their account in Axis Bank.

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