Hurrey We have a domain now!

I am so glad to announce this. Just few minutes ago I have purchased a domain for this blog. This is my first ever blog and also this quite successful. So I am very happy. It is party time ;).  So form now onwards you people will see the frequent updates and latest technology news as well as latest phone reviews and the best and useful tutorials more frequently.

We have a domain now

Now I had decided to take it more seriously! Yes I mean it, This blog was started just for fun and now it has become a quite decent blog, so I have decided to take it to the next level. And off course without you peoples support we may not be reached here. Thanks to every visitor, commentator and everyone who helped us to spread our word and help us to spread it in the future too.

You guys can help us by spreading the word i.e. share our link with your friends and family, you can also give your suggestions on this page by leaving your comment. Also if you can enter our URL to your facebook profile or through any social sites profile. Thank you for reading, don’t forget to share!

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