Hands on android 5.0.2

The Moto India had started rolling out the update, the update is for its  phones to android 5.0.2  in India. So , Moto become the first phone in Indian market to have 5.0 lollipop & the Android 5.0 lollipop is in the news for various reason since its launch & even said to be the best android ever built by the Google in the terms of the looks , security , function as said, lets have a look on few feature of the the android lollipop 5.0


The notification center has seen a lot of changes from the launch of the 4.0 ice-sandwich. Even this time the notification center is at the attraction , the notification center is not the same as the previous one , the only thing remains the same is the scroll down thing, now at 1st scroll come down only for the notification like the message , emails, etc. yes, its means the only notification while other functional button comes  with extending the same notification  panel a more. So you can say it is been divided in the 2 parts notification & function

This is the little more extended notification panel with the full functionality, you can see in the images. The notification panel have the battery indicator, setting , & the user profile, while the down its has the function such as the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth , torch that is the new thing added a good work for the Indian scenario the icon have a little modest change the brightness level & sim option are been available so directly access the services. & as usual the GPS option  the new one cast screen that is one touch solution having ease to operate
The setting option is the old version idea while the best thing done is the profile access over top of the notification is the best one, not only this you can handle the notification on you’re lock screen without opening the lock.

Guest mode

As the profile mode is on the top of the notification panel  & it can accessed through setting option even. One is for the personal uses as used for signing in & the other the guest, giving phone to the friends, family, relatives can be a privacy violation of you’re things so here come the guest mode to the rescue. keep all yo;re images, video, documents etc safe & not accessible to others.


The gallery has got the whole new looks in the android 5.0.2 the gallery isn’t similar to the 4.4.4 or the previous version the new gallery doesn’t show the whole things like pics & video in the same place it has got side scroll with the option such as the different for video & camera roll means if click on the gallery  the whole thing coming out at once has gone, what you have to do is just a swipe from right & the sort option comes out making easy to sort , the videos & the images that is been downloaded etc

Recent apps

This is even the most interesting part, it has got the best looks ever in an android the recent apps are coming sliding up side down as you can look in the pic, but the things doesn’t end here previously when you reboot the phone the recent apps were getting closed or vanish this time isn’t the same now if you restart the phone the recent apps are not getting anywhere & stay there only as they were you can switch any time.

Cast screen


This function has came handy & you can use this to any device running the 4.4.2 but this built only in the 5.0 version you can cast you’re screen to the bigger screen tablets or the tablets quite easily.

Dial pad & contacts

This time its all combined the recent call logs , the contacts , favorites, & dialpad means there will be no different icon for the above all , the companies may give you option for that even. you’ll get a beautiful glimpse of the colors of the 5.0 you can say that it is even most beautiful android ever built.

Article by Rajnish Shukla.

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