Use Amazing Torch Browser – best browser for windows 7

Torch browser is one of the new browsers coming in the markets but what makes it amazing is its features. Torch browser eliminates the other browsers as well as other creepy software’s need. Torch browser is based on the Chromium project. So it will be quite similar to Google chrome. But the the features Torch browser is giving that no other browser is giving or they re giving but you need more extensions.

Amazing torch browser - all in one browser - free - bet browser for windows 7

So it is really very simple, cool & awesome browser. The torch browser has many inbuilt features that allows you to do your day to day online stuff easily! I am talking about its features so lets see what are those amazing features of Torch Browser.

Media Grabber

Yes, Torch browser comes with the inbuilt media grabber. So whenever you want to grab any video or music you are watching you don’t actually need to have any other creepy third party software, extensions or any converters. Just click on the button provided by Torch & you are done. You can now download that video or song easily.

Download torrent 

You can even download torrents in Torch browser. Ohh man what else I want in my life ;). This functionality allows to look at torrents and their speed just by switching a tab. We don’t have to switch whole software. So that you can do your work without much hassel.

Torch Player

Torch browser has its own beautiful media player in there already. So all the media lovers Torch browser is for you. You can even play torrents while downloading that means you can play partially downloaded torrents too. Just click on play torrent in Torch, it will automatically open that torrent in torch browser and will play that while downloading.

Torch Facelift

This one is amazing! The Facelift feature of the Torch browser allows you to customize you facebook as per your need in terms of design and the layout. You can change the design of your facebook in anyway and also the layout too. Anyone who is also using Torch browser will be able  to see your customizations when they visit your profile from Torch.

Torch Music

As the name suggest it is a music portal just made available for you. You can play your favourite music and Youtube videos too. You can find the songs or albums and make your own playlist. In order to use this feature you don’t actually need to leave your current tab opened. This is very cool feature if you love to listen music. And yes it is for FREE.

Torch Games

Hello Gamers this feature is especially for you. If you love the games and want to ply instantly without having to wait and find the games by browsing then Torch browser is for you! Don’t you love if you will be able to play games directly in your browser within two clicks.

So you are eager to change your current browser with Torch browser? You cn download Torch browser from this link [ Torch browser ]. Guys share your views about Torch Browser by commenting below & also share it with your friends!


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