PhoXo Simple alternative to Photoshop

Are you searching for a photo editor which is actually as easy to use as MS-paint? If yes then you are at right place. There is a photo editor that is really easy to use and at the same time awesome too! Phoxo is a kind of oldschool photo editor but it works like a charm. Phoxo is completely free to use tool as well as it is lightweight too. I was looking for such  cool Photo editor and then I came to Phoxo.

Free logomaker software - alternative to photoshop

Features of Phoxo

Simple menu

Phoxo editor comes with a very simple and easy to use menu. As you can see in the following image, but I had rotated this image it is actually a vertical image. There is a hand tool, color tool, zoom tool and many more tools. This menu is really simplified and if you don’t want to use Photoshop then the Phoxo is the best alternative for you.

Phoxo editor simple photo editor yet effective

Clip arts

Do you remember those clip arts in MS Powerpoint? How cool is that to have that functionality in your photo editor. There are emojis, car, animals, flag, figures and icons. This clip arts are usefull if you are editing some cartoons and stuff like that. You can add clip arts into your image by double clicking.

clip arts - Phoxo editor - Alternative to photoshop

Easy to use layers

Phoxo editor also has layers function like you have in photoshop. The layers are on right hand corner of Phoxo. Layers are easy to use and at the same time very effective.

Layers in Phoxo editor - Alternative to photoshop

Image Effects

The image effects in Phoxo are just awesome. These effects are really awesome& some of them are customizable too. For e.g. In the Sunshine Effect you can move the sun as per your need and can decide its layers density and stuff like that and even size of the sun, which is really great.

Effective Menubar

There are so many functions of Phoxo. You can print your images, change their ratios and much more. See it in the image below.

menubar phoxo editor - alternative to photoshop

You can download Phoxo photo editor from here > Phoxo & if you need some tutorials then go to here [Tutorials]. The PhoXo is tiny, fast & easy to use Photo editor. Let us know your opinions about PhoXo by your Commnets. And if you like what we are doing then please take a moment & like our Facebook page [Techbuzindia].

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