How to Increase YouTube Views for Free

First thing you can do to increase YouTube views is by adding proper title and description of that video. Then there are plenty of things you can do like :

Sharing your video on Facebook and Twitter

If You or any of your friend is owning any Facebook page or Group then you can request him to share it there. Especially share your video on the Facebook page not on group because Facebook groups are not much active.

You can also share on twitter and get huge amount of views but you may need good amount of followers or else you have to tweet your video link to the people who have huge follower base.

Share your video on Pinterest

If you don’t know then let me tell you that Pinterest also accepts videos. So add videos from YouTube by just copying and pasting that videos link.

Share on your Blog/Website.

If you own any website or Blog then share your video by embedding it into your site. If your site receives good amount of Traffic then it will be great views booster for your YouTube videos.

Share Videos on Online Communities

Now there are so many communities out there on the internet just share your video there but please don’t spam otherwise you will be removed from that community and you may not share more videos to that community and you will lose your potential YouTube views.

Share YouTube Link to your Friends on Whatsapp

Nowadays almost everyone has a Whatsapp or the similar messengers just share your YouTube link there with your friends and ask them to share it wit others.

Make Viral Videos

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Make Viral videos which are either too funny or too emotional or which will give a message to the society. People now days want to show them as a most knowledgeable person than anyone so they will share your video. Also there are so many webmasters who are in search of these kinds of videos, If people are not sharing your video then these webmasters will share and ultimately their followers will share your video.

Other Social Bookmarking sites

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There are so many social Bookmarking sites who allows you to share your YouTube videos. Just find them and do share. Sites like Reddit and Digg.

These are some Best and Easy Free ways to Increase YouTube views, I know You people may also know some more if you know then please let use know with your comments and also If you have any doubt or suggestions then comment below I will definitely help you! 


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