How to Follow & unfollow in bulk on Twitter without any extension

Do you love twitter and also you loved to have so many peoples following you on the Twritter, then this article is perfectly for you! So today I will show you how to  Follow and Unfollow people on Twitter in bulk that too without any extensions or even without any paid services. This trick is completely free & you will Love this trick. Just Follow the Following steps.

How to Follow & Unfollow people in bulk on Twitter without any extension.

Step 1. First Go to Twitter & login with your account.

Step 2. A If you want to unfollow to people you are following then Click on Following ( A tab or link which shows how many people you are following. As shown in the image below.)

Step 2.B If you want to follow to people who are Following you  then Click on Followers ( A tab or link which shows how many people are following you. As shown in the image below.)

Step 3. On that page you will see the accounts you are following or who are following you as per your selection the previous step. Now scroll down and load as many people you can load on that page and then move to the next step.

Step 4. This step is the most important step so read and follow as I said exactly! In your address bar copy and paste the following code if you want to unfollow people
and if you want to follw people then copy and paste the following code.

And after pasting this code hit enter & just wait for a second and you will see every account that is on the page is being followed or unfollowed as per your selection in the Step 2.

I hope this will help you people and will save your time and money also! And if this article helped you or you think will help any of your friends or family members then please do share it and don’t forget to like our Facebook page(link) to get daily tips and tricks like this.


  1. I am a web marketer and was searching and I came to your blog. Really great work. Awesome.. helped a lot and ya saved my money too! Keep it up Dude.

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