How to download torrents speedly | Speed up torrent downloads

Torrent is a vast system. It allows us t upload and download movies, games, pdfs and all sorts of things. I just enjoy torrents. I love torrent. But I also hate torrent when I get very very slow downloading speed. So there are some tweaks that works for me and hope so they’ll also work for you.

How to speed up torrents downloads
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Here are few tweaks to download torrents with rapid speed.

  • Update or reinstall your torrent client.
  • Try not to download many files from the same torrent website. For instance avoid using TPB only use others too like torrenthound or isohunt, there are many of them. So the main thing to kept in mind is download torrents from that torrent website that you haven’t use much. 
  • Update trackers. Right click on torrent [downloading list in the torrent client] and then chose update trackers.
  • Use .torrent files rather than magnet links because magnet links first download the metadata which is the basic info about that torrent file and .torrent files are contaned with the metadata of the torrent you are gonna download.
  • Try changing ports in torrent client. You can do this in torrent client. So for utorrent click on options and then go to Preferences. There you can change the port. After changing a port click on Apply and then OK. You can also check that check box to randomize port each time.
  • You can also set up utorrent connection. To do this press ctrl + G and then select your nearest server and your upload speed and then click on the run test. This will configure the network for your utorrent and give you minimum speed of your connection i.e. the minimum downloading speed you get while downloading from browser.
  • Chose torrent with maximum seeders and minimum leachers.

Again listen all these tricks works for me may not work for you but don’t let the hope go. Try it test it then comment about it.


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