How to download Bulk Images from any web page for Free

Bulk image downloader

Do you like cute puppies or cute cats? or you might be an online marketer trying to get some bulk images. If you are one of these then you might want to read this article about how to download bulk images from any website. I know how much irritating it is to click on every image and then saving it in your machine. Here is what I came up with few extensions for downloading images in bulk.

There are some bulk image downloader software’s  in the market but the downside of them is that you need to purchase them, I mean at least 9 out of 10 software’s are paid. And if you are tight on the budget then you will always consider using free software’s. You need an browser extension which will work same as the paid software might have worked.

Best Extensions for the Bulk Image Downloading

Download All Images by sneeak

This extension is completely free and safe too. I downloaded this cool extension from Chrome web store and installed it. After installing this extension it walked me through a simple guided tour to download bulk images from any page. And whoa I have downloaded more than 100 images in a .zip file.

Let me give a simple step by step process of how to install and download bulk images with this cool chrome extensions.

Head over to this link (Download all images by Sneeak) and click on green Add to chrome button. Now you need to visit that website from where you want to download images. In my case I went to Google images and searched for “Cute Puppies”.

cute puppies - download bulk images

Now you need to click on the blue icon which has “zip” text is written. Click on this cool Plugin icon and it will start showing you some numbers. These are the percentage of work completed, for e.g. if a page has 100 images and plugin has successfully downloaded 10 images then it will show “10” number.

Now the extension will automatically asks you to save all the bulk images in a “.zip” file, just save it in preferred location.

save images in a bulk

As you can see in the following image, On right side .zip file is opened with all the downloaded images and on left side I have extracted those images into a folder.

How many Images this plugin can Download?

This bulk image downloader is being tried and tested on this website and successfully downloaded whopping 2000 images in single click.

What If I don’t use Chrome?

For firefox users there is a plugin called Simple mass downloader. Go to this link (Simple mass downloader) and click add to firefox. After that go to the page from where you want to download images and then click on the plugin icon just like we did for chrome. Then select that files icon next to the load page links and make sure you have selected Active Tab and only Images just like the following image.

How to download bulk images in firefox

Now this plugin will start downloading all the images from this web page but unlike the chrome’s extension it will not give you a .zip file option but it will fill your downloads directory.


“the Simple Mass Downloader don’t “fill your downloads directory” if you indicate a custom directory using the dedicated text field.”

Aram commented that you can chose a custom download directory in Simple mass downloader.

Also, As Aram suggested there is another Google chrome extension available called Download All images you can download it here.

Hey try this plugin and do let me know your experience. Also if you have any questions or doubts you can ask me in the comment section.


  1. The simple mass downloader addon has a google chrome version too. It’s not only for images but any type of direct links (unfortunately not embedded video, no Youtube, no SoundCloud…). It has a lot of filtering possibilities (including width/height) and many special features as favorites folders or a rule system for automatically setting of download directories.

    The Download All Images (by Sneeack) has good image detection, but no filtering options. There is another extension named Download All Images (by MeryDev this time) that has filtering possibilities and save as zip features. This addon has a very interesting “deep search” feature, though very slow as all brute force methods.

    No addon has a perfect image detection though. In most cases, these extensions only see thumbnails, not full images. This is understandable, given that many sites try to obfuscate the direct links using all sorts of javascript tricks

    • Agreed to “No addon has a perfect image detection though.”, Thanks for suggesting “Download All Images (by MeryDev)” Addon, I will ad this in the article.

  2. Also, the Simple Mass Downloader don’t “fill your downloads directory” if you indicate a custom directory using the dedicated text field. What’s weird though is that all custom directories are in fact only subdirectories of default download folder… this is a limitation of today’s browsers, they say that for security reasons (but personally do not understand this, the user should be able to set any folder he wants …)

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