Cannot uninstall Avast Antivirus, Here is the Solution!

Sometimes it is almost impossible to uninstall Avast Antivirus. I had installed  Avast antivirus to perform certain tests as I always try various softwares. But this time I was so frustrated that I can’t even open Avast nor I can uninstall it! I did almost every possible way I know to uninstall any program, but still no effect! So I started doing a research on it and then I finally found the solution to uninstall Avast.

how to uninstall avast f you cant uninstall avast

How to uninstall Avast when you can’t!

It is really very easy. All you need to do is just follow few steps & you will be able to uninstall Avast very easily.

Step 1

Download Avastcleaner.exe from the following link.
[ Avast Cleaner ]

Step 2

Restart your PC but in Safe mode. You can enter into safe mode bye pressing F8 key while your windows is starting then select advance boot option & then Safe mode.

Step 3 

Once you are entered into safe mode & logged in to your PC then Open & execute Avastcleaner.exe that we had downloaded in step 1 & install it.

Step 4

Once installed open it and select the folder in which you had installed Avast. Please be careful while selecting the folder. Select only that folder in which Avast is being installed. Now click Remove.

Step 5 

Now restart your computer normally. That’s it you are done.


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