Are you a colorblind?? Not sure!!! Take a colorblind test online for FREE

Are you a color blind?? Don’t know if yes or not, then you must use this site. The site performs a test where you have to tell if the colored dots makes a shape or not & if it makes any shape then you have to tell that what kind of shape is it. Is it a diamond, a square, a circle or nothing.

are you a colorblind?

Colorblind test online

First you have to go to this website called . Once the site gets load you can now click on the Start test button as shown in the image below.

Free colorblindness test online

After that another page will be loaded & here you have to perform your colorblindness test. Here some random spots or dots (whatever you say) will be presented to you and some of them are in any color other than gray. And these colored  dots will make a shape that can be a circle, a square, a diamond or sometimes there will be no shape made by these dots. You have to identify what kind of shape is it making and according to that shape you have to click on the option given to your right.

color blindness test online for free

As you see in the image above you that there is a cirlce made by pink dots so that I hve to click on the circle. Like this you will be presented some more images & after that you will get result.

color blindness test online for free easy

I got my result and it is normal. What about you? Take a FREE colorblindness test online and also let your friends to take this opportunity & test their colorblindness.

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