8 Features of Cynogenmod that you must know.

What is Cynogenmod is a custom Android system which let you modify and also gives you better interface than the Android and also allows you to have more control over your device. Want to know more about cynogenmod then take a look at What is cynogenMod all about?

Cynogenmod 8 Features you must know about!

8 features Of Cynogenmod

Customized home

This is the most attractive feature of cynogenmod. For any user it is very much cool that he can change and customise his phones entire layout without any third party app, cynogen Allows you to do that. You can change everything from home screen to notification style and even icon style too.

Remove Bloatware

Bloatware are the apps which are installed by default to your phone by your carrier. Yes in cynogenmod you can easily remove those bloatwares and free up some space, isn’t it cool? This one feature is the real step towards the opensource to client. Thank you cynogen.

Advance Notification bar

Cynogenmod enables you to have a customized notification bar. You can embed quick toggles and
even your camera. It means just swipe to capture a photo.

Button Configuration.

You can even change the behavior and functionality of hardware keys. Thats great!

Superuser & Root Access

Cynogenmod allows you to be a superuser of your device and also let you control and chose which
app can get root access and when you are done, revoke their access! And yes you are superuser and you have full control over your device so you don’t need to root it and have a fear of losing your phone warranty.

Advance Gesture control

Cynogenmod allows you to customized gesture control. What that means is drawing a circle on your screen will open the camera. And also you can create more customized signatures for various apps.

Custom profile & black list

Cynogenmod allows you to have a customized settings for each sound profile. You can set how much volume should any profile can have. Also you can blacklist certain numbers too.

Screen wallpaper Customization

In a normal phone you can edit a photo but what about your home screen wallpaper? In cynogenmod you can change its hue, temperature etc. easily.

After seeing all these features of cynogenmod I personally feel that it is an Android killer but yet an Android OS. If more and more people head over to the cynogenmod then it will be really great and opensource world. Cynogenmod is a custom ROM that allows you to customize your phones every corner, what else someone wants? I hope you will love this post and Cynogenmod too. Please do share and comment on this post, Thank you!

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