10 Amazing Tech Innovations that will amaze you

These are the 10 most Amazing tech innovations will definitely amaze you.

1.  Mind-reading and memory recording MRI scan

A US-based neurotechnology startup became the first company to commercialise the recording and storing of human thoughts

2. Smart contact lenses

A smart contact lens that can monitor the glucose levels of diabetes sufferers was developed by Google.

3. A camera that can record the movement of light

A camera that captures light at 4.4 trillion frames per second was invented by researchers in Japan, setting a record for the world’s fastest camera. 

4. Invisibility cloaks created with laser-stitching

Scientists at the University of Cambridge developed a new method to manufacture invisible “metamaterials” using lasers, leading to the possibility of invisibility cloaks.

5. Printable, bendable batteries

A flexible, long-lasting rechargeable battery that holds the potential to transform wearable devices was developed by a California-based startup.

6. Solar-panel windows

Reasearchers at  Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Milano-Bicocca embedded quantum dots into glass to create transparent solar cells.

7. Smartglasses for the blind

Smartglasses designed to assist blind and partially sighted people by using a specially adapted 3D camera were developed by researchers at the university of Oxford.

8. Shape-changing robot

Engineers from Cornell and Harvard Universities created a shape-changing robot to be used in extreme conditions in ways robots never could be used before.

9. Bionic plant

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed the world’s first bionic plant in March, capable of replicating and even improving upon a plant’s natural ability to photosynthesise. Carbon nanotubes (orange) embedded in the chloroplast of a leaf.

10. Smart expiry label

A London-based student developed a bio-reactive expiry label that decays at the same rate as food.
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